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The spark of Level7 Design occurred back to 1995, where the founder Rick Tuinenburg started at a small web design firm named CSG Interactive. After defining, exploring, and refining his skills for 6 years, he decided to start his own web design firm in California. Over the years he met many talented people and created relationships that are stronger than ever these days. He created many eCommerce/SAAS companies and learned many valuable lessons about entrepreneurism through failures and successes. A passion for digital creativity & finding the next SAAS has flowed throughout his work, and has been strengthened by the many people who he is working with these days.

MVP Consulting

Some clients have fantastic ideas and want to start building their dream. We fully support that, however our experience has thought us that entrepreneurs need to do homework in order to make sure there is a product/market fit for the product/service in question. Our consulting services will be well worth your time, we will put you on the path of success so you can make wise decisions along the way.


You found your product/market fit, let's use that MVP and create the full solution for your new clients. Now that you know you have a winner on your hand we can make sure the solution is scalable and serves your audience on all platforms.


You need to grow and expand into new markets, let our professionals take your solution to the next level and scale to the largest audience as possible. We will explore and test new market segments and make sure your funnel is fully optimized to get maximum conversion.



Custom Inventory Management Systems


Custom Inventory Automation Systems


Social Gifting Platform

Katerina Wallace Photography


Majesty Tables


Chinese Laundry


Baja Pools

Custom Sales Management Software


Facebook Application allows FB Friends to pay each other

Columbia Card Services

Custom ATM machine software

What we offer

Graphic Design

We have graphic designers that can mockup what a client desires so that they can find product/market fit.

Digital Product Development

We develop cross platform. Write once, deploy many.


We focus on organic social media marketing, influencers that have significant reach within their perspective niches. We leverage branding and find new markets that funnel to convert.

Zoom Support

We are here to support you, and we are a text away to give you the assistance you need. Once we connect, we connect with zoom to give you that face to face support.

One on One Zoom Tutoring

We tutor folks on MVP guidance, App Business Model review, Glide app flow, Glide text/email integration, Glide Stripe/Paypal payment integration, Glide in-app chat, Glide matching, Glide Zapier integration, Glide calendar integrations, any custom external features that Glide cannot perform natively.

Credit Card processing

We integrate into many different merchant processing systems. We also offer zero fee credit card processing.

Why Choose Us


Before any development occurs, we consult with our client to find out what their needs, goals, deadlines and budget is for their project.


After finding out what the client is looking for, we will co-develop with the client a MVP strategy to meet their goals and budget. This strategy is developed through research, and planning. Once the strategy is complete it will help our team stay focused on the planned tasks.


Once the MVP strategy and goals are in place we present the entire project in a story board or mockup form to clearly outline the MVP strategy.


Our graphic artists will create mockups that will bring to life the clients vision. We will fine tune it until the client is satisfied. A/B Testing is optional if the client wants visitors to make the choice.


Once the mockups are signed off, MVP development occurs to make the mockups come to life.

MVP Delivery

All projects are put through rigorous testing for quality assurance, all software and 3rd party software is tested on the server that will be hosting the project. The entire project is carefully checked for consistency with the client goals and plans in mind.


Your MVP project has product/market fit and you ready to explore new markets, let our professional marketers take the lead by creating solid brand that matches your target market. We will find many more users who resonate with the newly created brand and turn them into paying customers.

Hosting Pricing Table

All projects are quoted seperately, hosting prices below.

Brochure Hosting plan

$19/ month

  • 1GB Disk Space

  • 10 Email Accounts

  • 24/7 Managed Support

eCommerce/Custom Development Hosting plan

$49/ month

  • 4GB Disk Space

  • 50 Email Accounts

  • 24/7 Managed Support

High Traffic / Multi Server Hosting plan

$199 to $499/ month

  • 1TB+ Disk Space

  • 100 Email Accounts

  • 24/7 Managed Support

Our Team

Rick Tuinenburg

Web Developer

Ariel Torchia

Web Designer

Gaston Torchia

Web Designer

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